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Windows server 2008 shares the same code base with

windows server 2008 shares the same code base with

I have recently set up a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine which I plan on with using in preference to my old Windows XP machine to do development.
What doesn't work, connecting to any password protected shares on the Windows Server 2008 machine from the Windows 7 machine.I will try turning off all the firewalls to remove them from consideration though.Password prompt keeps on appearing as obviously the authentication is failing between the boxes.I have tried both User and Administrator accounts on the Server all with the same result.I've served the exact same code/files from multiple AppPools for same years; it works fine.Windows Server 2008 RTM was renamed to Windows Server 2008 RTM SP1.In many IT departments, it is an unwritten law that one always shares has to wait for the first service pack before you can even start thinking of deploying a new Microsoft.And now they release Server 2008 SP1 even before anyone gets the chance to ask when the first service pack will be released.A few driver issues with SP1 made shares Microsoft's decision makers quite nervous.I've windows same mot fiddled with firewalls on any of the machines, my thinking behind this being that given that independently all the machines can communicate, and file sharing works between the Windows 7 - XP box server - server, just not between server - Windows. For me, it seems as if MS is actually pleading that episode Vista and Server 2008 are really really ready for prime time now.
Additionally I have tried a few suggestions floating round on the web, such as setting LmConnectivityLevel maids to '1' in the registry, and setting the Network Security: LAN manager authentication level.Connecting via RDP to the Windows devious Server 2008 box from the Windows 7 box.The usernames are always authenticated against users on the server, so are entered in the form serveruserName in the login prompt.Additional Info, the machines devious are running NOT on a domain, rather they all belong to the workgroup workgroup.Is it because the big bosses at same Microsoft are too busy chasing Yahoo?Connecting via RDP to the XP box from the Windows 7 box.Then suddenly they announced that it is released to manufacturing, but tell customers that it is not yet released to the public, but will be released in Mid-march.Or perhaps, it is because they are worried to be without Bill Gates now?Actually, there is no explanation in this lengthy post at all.He has more than 35 years of experience in IT management and system administration.First, they make this big secret out of the release date of Vista SP1, downplaying its importance by telling us that we have Windows Update anyway.While this naming might make sense from a developer's point of view, it is certainly season the strangest thing Microsoft ever episode did regarding product names.Latest posts by Michael Pietroforte ( see all iain McDonald, Director with of Project Management for Windows Server, tries to make sense of all of this.There have also been a few comments that the timezone/datetime need to be the same on both machines, they are, however there is one difference.

What works: Connecting to shares on the Windows Server 2008 machine from the XP box.
Then it turns out that Vista SP1 contains windows server 2008 shares the same code base with 390 hotfixes that were not published before.
Connecting to shares on the XP box from the Windows 7 box.