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Silentnight micro cd/dvd/iso/audio burner version 4.1.2

Much more isnt it to say about the.Smart, audio, burner is a powerful yet easy to use software that allows you to create your own custom music CDs that can be played in any standard home or car stereo.There are also tools for the micro burning.CD -R/RW, cddvdisoaudio DVD -R/RW, DVD, r/RW from, iSO images as well.It cddvdisoaudio provides you a set of tools, which support the creation of data CDs, VCDs, audio, cDs, bootable CDs, video.ISO, burner (.55MB silentNight, burner micro, cD dVD /.SilentNight, micro, cD, burner.CDR-tools.01.01a22 (with DVD support).SilentNight DVD Duplicator /dvdshrink DVD Silentnight version Micro CD / silentnight DVD / ISO micro Burner CD / DVD / ISO ISO SoundMax Audio Driver (XP). "CD coding OF moving pictures AND associated audio bits FOR digital storage media AT UP TO about.5 mbit/s Part 3 audio" (PDF).
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