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Screenshot ipad 2 safari

The main content (the boxes with images) can slide up and down with touch events.
The strangest part is, the 3d accelerated content is the only part that gets pixellated.
Magnifier - This is a screenshot call-out feature that will zoom in to a particular safari area ipad that fits within the magnifier you've placed.I've attached two screenshots, one from iPad, another from iPad2.Share button and choose whichever service you like.Touch and hold one of the edges or corners and drag it screenshot to the new crop.Tap it to select the tool, then tap the newly added text safari field to call up the keyboard so you can write your funny ipad quip.Except jQuery everything else screenshot is in-house written, including the jQuery plugins we are using.More button in the bottom right corner of the screen (it looks like a plus symbol which are: ipad Add a text field - This lets you add a layer of text to your screenshot.During that time, you can tap on it to enter Instant Markup mode. If you make a mistake, you can hacking undo each previous step by tapping the undo button in the bottom left of the screen.
But features it turns out that is not the problem, as after the content is downloaded via wi-fi, pixellation stays the same.
You can see corel what I meant (they are taken in different times of the same day, so the content is different, sorry for that).
If anyone ever came across to this or a similar problem and was able to solve it, please answer as we have no other ideas left.On gratis iPad2, only serial this part is pixellated.Instant Markup lets you crop your screenshots, too.Because the iPad Pro, iPad, and iPad mini screens are so big, there's a lot you can share!App is designed for touch and gestures.With Instant Markup, can use a marker, highlighter, pencil, eraser, or Magic Rope to edit and annotate your screenshot.Even though the app is working fine on iPad, iPod Touch (2nd gen iPhone 3gs open and iPhone 4, when it comes to testing on iPad 2 we started to see this pixellated screen.You can resize and reshape the Magnifier border, and increase or decrease the amount of zoom.I tried to give as much information as I can, and here are the screenshots I've promissed: iPad : iPad 2).Shapes - You can add a particular shape to your screenshot from square, circle, features speech bubble, and arrow.While sliding, the pixellation stays most of the times, but on some tests it resets after a few seconds.IPad Screenshots are great for capturing and sharing epic victories from your games, great moments from your videos, funny conversations on social networks like Snapchat or Facebook, feedback on your projects, bugs you want painter to report, or almost anything and everything you see on your.As i said, animations are achieved by translate3D.

If you skip Instant Markup, you can still access your screenshots, edit, annotate, and share them, screenshot ipad 2 safari at any time.
We are also using jQuery (v1.7 but the scroller we designed is pure javascript, no frameworks there.
We used translate3D for hardware acceleration on scrolling objects.