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Remote desktop connection 6.1 windows 2003

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC).1 for Windows Server 2003.
If you really want to know: before this update the connection last connection version of RDC for WS03 was.0.6000.16459 (a build of version.0 available through KB925876 for WS03 SP2.
Please send the above information to your Microsoft Technical account windows manager or please post it to m/WindowsServerFeedback.Windows remote Server 2008, platforms on which RDC6.1 is NOT currently supported by Microsoft.Anyway, it seems most people are not aware windows of the fact RDC.1 can be desktop run desktop on WS03 for the moment.Secondly, NLA is perhaps even the most important feature missing!So at the end this means no NLA from windows a WS03 machine, even with RDC.1! So forget about making a connection and then entering your password into the Winlogon desktop (thats how its called, as it is actually a desktop too, although not the application desktop we typically refer to).
XP SP2 x64, windows Server 2003, if you feel you have a valid business case that Microsoft needs to crack consider please share the following information with Microsoft: 1) Whether you need the latest crack your RDC client (RDC6.1) on Windows Server 2003 mind because you have end users.2) If you need RDC6.1 on Windows Server 2003 OR on XP SP2 x64 because you have end users using either as a client OS please let us know how many such terminals/computers you have in your environment and what features currency of RDC6.1 you need.That sharepoint is the message Im trying to spread!This version of Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client.0) can be installed on client computers calendar running Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Service Pack 2 (SP2).Click, run to start the installation immediately.The RDP server component of Windows systems (clients and servers) is called Remote Desktop Services (RDS formerly known as Terminal Services (TS).So, how can you install RDP client.1 on Windows Server 2003?