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Neverwinter nights diamond patch 1.68

neverwinter nights diamond patch 1.68

Community patch fixes broken spells/mechanics to be how it suppose to be according.5e.
This fixes some issues with transparency on tails.
Formian queen speed changed to very slow (was immobile which caused AI issues - didn't cast spells) - healing spells nights were replaced for harming spells from Baelnorn, Dracolich and patch Vampire Priest - fixed special AI for summoned shadow from SD feat - Harper scout.
Those are beta developer versions really though.Fixed an issue with the Monk's Perfect Self feat not correctly reporting that the monk was immune when making saving throws against mind-affecting spells (was making Phantasmal Killer work on monks if they failed their saving throws).If you are curious why module builders/admins are typically more excited about it than average player.I am nights just listing stuff you would notice in say orginal campaign and this isn't complete list just some stuff I personally am happy about from that perspective, this is all diamond taken neverwinter from the.71 patch notes.Inhabit dreamlike patch worlds neverwinter of myth and mystery.Tails diamond now use the envmap setting from the new column in the TailModel.2da rather than using the envmap setting from the appearance.2da. With dll's version.18d.
At patch time of patch this writing.72 beta 14 is theory actually newest.
Script-specific: Fixed an issue with the sleep spell not being counted as a hostile action when cast (nw_s0_sleep.
Two things I have played around with the most is boomerang and diamond custom spell classes.Neverwinter Nights.68, patch details: Neverwinter Nights Game.Download here: lot of it is for module builders/admins but here is small list of some stuff just as player to be excited about.Made theory a change to hopefully fix some potential issues with the client losing some appearance/phenotype update messages when using the SetPhenoType scripting neverwinter command.This fixes some issues with transparency growtopia on wings.Multiplayer notice: In order to access the multiplayer you must first enter your unique cd-key.Boundless lands of deadly creatures, foreboding omens and bold heroism.Any scripts calling these scripting functions will need to be recompiled for the changes to take effect.AS OF this patch, ALL modules created/saved with THE version.68 toolset ARE tagged AS requiring version.68 OR higher OF neverwinter nights game OR toolset.