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Gundam seed destiny episode 23

Final Plus (51) "The Chosen Future" Transcription: "Erabareta Mirai" ( Japanese : episode ) December 25, 2005 Retitled Phase.
The combined efforts destiny of the gundam Archangel and seed the seed Infinite Justice, damage the Minerva, causing it to crash onto the Moon.
49 "Rey" Transcription: "Rei" ( Japanese : ) September 24, 2005 March episode 21, 2008 Shinn and Rey are transferred to Messiah.
In the aftermath, Kira and Athrun destroys Relay Station 1, and Terminal forces go to attack Requiem itself.7 8 The Final Plus episode was announced to have been licensed in July 2007, 9 episode with destiny a single DVD released on April 15, 2008.Kira decides to use the Freedom to abduct Cagalli from the ceremony, returning to the Archangel.Mika Arisaka from fourteen to twenty five, "I Wanna Go To A Place.".27 "Unfulfilled Feelings" Transcription: "Todokanu Omoi" ( Japanese : ) April 23, 2005 September 28, 2007 Lacus and Andy reunite with the crew of the Eternal while Miriallia rejoins the Archangel crew taking up her former position.Meanwhile, Rey Za Burrel and Shinn are ordered on a recon mission of an abandoned Earth Alliance base nearby, and are disturbed by what they find.Gundam seed Destiny 's first English broadcast began on Canada's YTV starting on March 9, 2007 1 and it is also available in the United States.You can also remove them. Meanwhile, Lord Djibril and Logos leaders decide to use the Junius Seven incident to destroy the plants.
40 "Legacy of Gold" Transcription: "gon no bingo Ishi" world ( Japanese : ) July 23, 2005 January 11, 2008 zaft attacks Orb because Djibril was given sanctuary there.
During that time, they are informed that Cagalli will be marrying Yuna Roma Seiran.
Athrun also helps in a zaku but is confronted with memories of his father bingo when it turns out that the terrorists still believe in the path that Patrick Zala had world chosen.The TV dub also retained the ending themes.Captain Gladys is also appointed to faith, which creates something of a conflict in the command structure; Athrun and she now have more or less equal rank and strategic authority.21 "Wandering Eyes" Transcription: "Samayou Hitomi" ( Japanese : ) March 12, 2005 August 3, 2007 Shinn meets a girl named Stella Loussier, who fell messenger off a cliff while dancing and seems to have no past.15 "Return to the Battlefield" Transcription: "Senj e no Kikan" ( Japanese : ) January 22, 2005 June 15, 2007 Athrun is reinstated in the zaft military and appointed to faith.The Minerva and the other zaft forces hack draw out the Earth Alliance mobile players suits and mobile armor while Shinn heads through the tunnel and destroys the cannon.