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Glock 42 review 2015

The trigger itself is a smooth faced trigger like a Glock 17/22 vs the serrated trigger of a Glock 19/23 and 26/27.
When looking at raw measurements, review the G42 does not seem to review stand out one way or another.
But as bad as I hate to admit it, I imagine my eyesight and reflexes are not quite what they used to be years ago.The witness holes seem to indicate some stagger to the cartridges, but I didnt look too closely glock at a loaded magazine to tell.Since I had the gun on hand, I decided to do a full review.He was letting me know that glock everyday experiences would review teach me valuable review lessons that would be useful to help me make decisions in the future.The slide is thinner, review so I think this is going to have to be experimented with as the guns become available.It is flat and light, especially when compared to the G27/G27 pistols. With stock sights the pistol kich shoots a colpe little game high at about 20-25 yards, but with practice and some sight regulation game this gun can easily pull off repeatable headshots at 20-25 yards if the shooter can do their part.
The.38 has been a constant companion for game so long that most of the time I forget its even there.
When Glock announced the model 42, a lot of people bemoaned the caliber choice.With a chambered round, a shooter has a total of seven truy rounds ready.The Glock 42 is slightly larger than the S W Bodyguard 380 in several respects.I highly kich recommend them.The pistol in this review was provided as a loaner to me by Glock.When I unboxed the little handful, all those familiar features were apparent again.I was wanting a different gun, and this wasnt.It seems I run into more and more people who have picked up one of these little guns for concealed carry.What do you think of it?In the beginning, I was a reserve officer.Unlike handling some other pistols that might make you think twice about trying to get several hundred rounds or more without issue, this one just operates like it would shoot anywhere, anytime in any condition kinda like my faithful Glock 9mms.Upon first seeing the pistol, you might think Oh thats cute.Standard sights are typical of Glock pistols: a white dot front sight with a white outlined rear sight.

Neutral/Questions: Unproven reliability (until guns glock 42 review 2015 get rounds through them) Most important question of all.
On shooting the pistol, it was a fun pistol to shoot.