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Acdsee classic ver do 2.42

Fixed problem creating shortcuts in Favorites list when acdsee is installed in a acdsee path that contains classic a period!
Fixed bug which caused some PCD images to acdsee be displayed topsy-turvy!
Fixed a bug which occasionally caused a crash when dragging and dropping!
O A shrunk image is reloaded unshrunk when auto-shrink is turned off or when auto-zoom command is invoked o Revamped help file o Now distributed with comctl32.dll.72 o Spawn classic View (View Shift key) now works with a multiple selection o Slide show delay.O viewer window is no longer activated at every image change during a slide show, or when files are dragged and dropped o currently selected/viewed file icon appears in status bar of classic Browser and Viewer windows comctl32.dll.71 req'd!In classic Find Images function, fixed pattern matching for filename to not assume substring matching when an extension is provided in the filename!Added "New sub-folder" command to items in Folder Tree.Fixed bug where images dropped on acdsee's browser window Were not viewed correctly Cannot access file" error)!O slideshow commands consider hidden files and folders only when the File List Show hidden files option is turned.Faster browser startup on Windows NT systems!O Disable labels editing for items in folder acdsee tree that cannot be renamed o Single-clicking on the current folder in the folder tree causes a quick-refresh of the file list o Added "Create new shortcut" command to context menu of Favorites list.O Changed product name to acdsee Classic from acdsee o Removed digital camera support o Removed KDC format support Version. Added "Defragment cache" command.
Fixed slowdown utility reading network file system french folders!Fixed problems renaming a folder in the ipad folder tree!Fixed bug where new files were not correctly placed at the bottom/top of the file list during an quick or auto-refresh event in thumbnail/icon/small icon mode!Fixed problem handling registry short (8.3) filenames passed classic via command-line when the "View All" option was turned on!Fixed support for 16/32 bpp BMP files using BI_bitfields windows encoding!Fixed colourmap problem with some 256-colour acdsee PCX images Version.Fixed bugs which caused screenshot some TGA images to be read incorrectly!