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100 floors halloween special level 1 answer

Level 4, special level 5, level 6, level.
We use Youtube videos to explain the floors solution for these games accompanied by text explanation if needed.
Level 24, level 25, level 26, level.
Slide left or right to change the other side.Notice that there are 4 special shape on the floor :bat, scythe, web spider and catBat beats cat, cat beats scythe, scythe beats spiderweb, spiderweb special beats scythe.100 Floors Seasons Halloween is the themed version of 100 Floors app for the precious iphones answer and ipads of the world.Count the number of bats, and use it to press how many times on the arrows 3x left arrow and swipe the left door level side down 1x halloween 2x right arrow and swipe the right door side down 1x now press left arrow and right arrow.Level 16, level 17, level 18, level.Level 36, level 37, level 38, level.Level 44, level 45, level 46, level. See the futura Youtube video below for the solution to futura this level!
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One hard level shouldnt stop you from playing this incredibly game on the Iphone, Android or Windows Phone.Click the leaf on the right gears theres a black pattern use it on the left side, on the top of jack o lantern hockey now press the 4 L shape on the door in the right order top right bottom left 2x top left 2x top.We hope these videos will help you with finding the solution and help to 100 symbian Floors levels.One of the top apps during Halloween seasons!Download 100 Floors Seasons Tower Halloween iPhone iPad, android, kindle 100 Floors Seasons Tower Halloween Level 1 100 Floors Seasons Tower Halloween Level.Tap the torch to your inventory use it on spider web on the top right you will see tomb crack it means you need to start from the tomb so the order is : Tomb, Cat, Bat, Pumpkin the answer is pbct.Truwer, hair Down (feat.Have you ever thought of another one of our game guides like: 100 Exits, 100 Exits 2: City Tower, 100 Floors, 100 Floors: World Tour, Amazing Alex, Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Cover Orange, Cover Orange 2, Dooors, mathematics Dooors 2, Dooors 3, Dooors 4, Geared.Change the following arrow picture : Top left: Cat Bottom left: Scythe Bottom right: Spiderweb Top right Bat.